Ferrari World Ticket offers: The Ultimate Destination for Car Lovers and Thrill-Seekers

The United Arab Emirates attracts visitors through its beautiful landscape and marvelous architecture. The wonderful skyscrapers that start from Dubai and extend towards Abu Dhabi is unexplainable. Abu Dhabi is one of the remarkable cities of UAE along with Dubai. It offers you a huge range of sightseeing places. People from different areas come to enjoy this scenery view every year Ferrari world ticket offers.

The most thrilling place in Abu Dhabi is none other than the Ferrari World. It is present on the Yas Island and is dedicated entirely to the amazing Italian luxury sports car known as the Ferrari. Ferrari world offers the people a huge adrenaline rush with its fastest rides. Yes, you heard us right. Ferrari World has the fastest roller coaster rides that would take you to another world ferrari world ticket offers .

People love to visit all these wonderful places with their children. Ferrari world offers an unforgettable experience to every visitor. Most people visit Abu Dhabi through a good travel company during their stay in Dubai. Such as Saifco Travel and Tourism offers you some amazing tours of the city Abu Dhabi. It includes day tours to various places including Ferrari worldLouvre Museumsheikh Zayed Mosque. However, you can also go for a day trip to Ferrari world.

Ferrari World Ticket offers

You need to go for advance tickets to the Ferrari world.  It usually gets hard to get on spot tickets. There are various ferrari world ticket offers. You can go for general admission tickets that give you access to all the rides present inside. You can even go for fast track tickets that include some selected ride entry. Moreover, they even go for annual passes that allow you to enter and get unlimited access for a year to the park ferrari world ticket offers.

You can also go for their special ticket. It not only includes admission but also added perks. These perks can include dining, specific vouchers and access to some certain rides.

However, Saifco Travel and Tourism Ferrari World tour include entrance tickets as well. You just need to book and everything will be done on your behalf. The cost of their tour packages also include ferrari world ticket price. They book one-day ticket for you and give you the best time of your life.

Ferrari World Ticket Prices

The Ferrari world ticket prices vary depending on which package you would like to choose. Moreover, these ticket prices may change with time as well. Children who are under 1.05m gets free admission to the park.

However, here is a list of ferrari world ticket price 2023 according to the package. But it may vary from time to time.

  • The general admission ticket may cost you AED 295 to AED 365. However, if you have children with you than the ticket may cost you AED 230 to AED 285.
  • The fast track ticket is a little expensive as you get access to specific rides. It includes AED 455 to AED 525 for adults and AED 370 to AED 425 for children.
  • Annual passes usually start for AED 695 for a single person.

Ferrari World Tour

The Ferrari world include various rides that are going to give you a thrilling sensation. Let us look on the rides offered here at the Ferrari world.

Heart Pounding Rides

Ferrari word is well-known for its thrilling rides that make people go for it again and again. Formula Rossa is the fastest roller coaster ride present here. It takes you high on speed of 240 km/h within a few seconds.  It is just like a replication of Formula 1 race.

Next is the Fiorano GT challenge that gives you a chance to enjoy dueling roller coaster race. Furthermore, the Turbo Track takes you on a takeoff in vertical direction followed by gravity defying drop. They also have Flying Aces that takes you on a extremely wild adventure ferrari world ticket offers. You can also check your racing skills through Scuderia Challenges.

Gain Immersive Experiences:

You can gain an enormous amount of experiences regarding the manufacture of every car. You can always go to take a behind the scenes tour. It helps you to witness the factory where the craftsman makes the parts that goes in each ferrari car. You can even race with the professional crew to check your speed.

The virtual GT race is here to allow you to give tough competition to your family and friends. It allows you to race in high speed till the finish line virtually. You would be astonished to see collection of historic and some classy ferrari cards. It represents the evolution of the brand.

Attractions for Family and Friends

The Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is open for people of all ages from children to old people. It’s like a family amusement park. They offer fun filled rides for the whole family. There are various options for children like they can get behind the wheel at the Junior GT track. They can drive scaled down Ferrari cars.

They can also enjoy the Bell’Italia trip that consist of a charming journey through Italy in small miniature Ferrari 250. This place further includes interactive plays, attractants and live shows as well.

Culinary Offerings

You can get to enjoy diverse tastes at the Ferrari World. You can grab some quick bites or stay for proper dinning at restaurants. You can also enjoy some Italian cuisine at Mamma Rossella. It is a delicious burger that is loved by everyone. You can even have some gelato or desserts at Espresso Rosso. The park has a huge variety of food to fulfill your taste buds.


Conclusion (Ferrari World Abu Dhabi)

The Ferrari world Abu Dhabi is a wonderful destination to visit with your family. Mostly, people visiting Dubai really want to have a small tour to this place as well. It can be the best memorable family outing. The adrenaline pumping rides, various rides, god food are makes it extra special. You can always join Saifco Travel and Tourism on their theme park tours. You can even get a planned and customized one-day tour especially arranged for you. Then what are you waiting for?

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