Entertainment ideas for Private yacht tour Dubai : Games and other activities

Dubai is the main hub to visit for the best getaway of your life. It offers everyone a tremendous amount of happiness and joy. Visiting Dubai is just like a norm that needs to be fulfilled once in everyone’s lifetime. People from different parts of the world occasionally come to this beautiful city to avail the fun it offers Private yacht tour Dubai. Starting from tall buildings and shopping malls to adventurous places like Desert Safari and Waterparks.

People love to enjoy dinner on those big mesmerizing yachts under the beautiful skyline of Dubai. However, a small dinner may not be enough sometimes. You can have some private time over these yachts as well. Yes, you heard us right!

A yacht party can be a lot more fun than expected with the right company. You can plan surprise birthday parties, Graduation parties, office parties or small family gatherings in the best way possible. People usually hire yacht in Dubai to execute such parties. Moreover, you can check out “10 ways to Host a successful Yacht party” for further guidance.

Private Yacht Tour Dubai: Entertainments Ideas

The most important part of every party is to keep it exciting. This is something not everyone can do especially on a yacht for charter. Music, food and good friends are the main heart of the boat but what’s next? What would you like to do to prevent it from getting boring? Is music enough for 3-4 hours on a catamaran cruise Dubai?

Here, we bring you today with some exciting ideas to turn this evening into a fun-filled night that no one wants to leave Private yacht tour Dubai.

Water Sports

Some people love water and eventually dive into it from the yacht’s deck. You can arrange waterboarding and skiing followed by some boat rides. Jet skiing is one of the most popular activities and everyone wants to try at least once in their life Private yacht tour Dubai . All such options can be considered while arranging a beautiful evening on the boat on rent.


You can enjoy some warm sun on the yacht’s deck till the evening. People from cold areas would be thrilled to enjoy some sunbathing under the hot sun. It can be pretty relaxing with light music, some drinks and friends to be with. You get to see the mesmerizing coastlines of Dubai which can be pretty relaxing for the mind and body. Thus, getting yacht for charter is going to be the best decision.

Movie Night

It might sound absurd but yes you can arrange a movie night during the private yacht tour Dubai as well. It is pretty easier. You need to set up a projector on the deck and arrange the sitting area. Dancing all night can sometimes be a bad option Private yacht tour Dubai. You need to consider the audience that you invited on the private yacht tour Dubai. Get ready for a movie night with the sound of water running and cold breezes.

Board Games

Board games can be an exciting part of your day on the catamaran cruise Dubai. There are so many options some of which are listed below:

  • Card games can never run out of fashion. It is just like a savior on every occasion. You can always play some classy games like poker, blackjack or even simple ones as well.
  • The charades are classic for you to play on the boat on rent. You can make teams and divide the categories. It can be for a movie or song.
  • Scavenger Hunt is also a good option. It can be planned properly before the party. You can visit the yacht beforehand to plan this one. In this game, you need to hide an object on the yacht.
  • Karaoke can cheer everyone up. You will be singing your heart out in the best way possible. There can be no better entertainment than karaoke and we all know that.
  • Pictionary involves drawing pictures on the board and everyone else has to guess them. You can have some Pictionary fun and revive all the good memories.
  • You can even bring Giant Jenga on the boat. It can be like a little competition to see who makes the tallest one. There can be small prizes as well to boost up everyone’s mood.
  • A party with beer pong is a big no. It is not just a game popular among college drunks. Rather Private yacht tour Dubai, it makes you more social and you can enjoy more on the catamaran cruise Dubai.

All such indoor games are safe and much more fun than the others. It can be even easier to execute such games over the water. Get ready to enjoy an eventful night on the catamaran cruise Dubai.

BBQ Dinner

A small appropriate dinner is also essential after a hectic day on the boat on rent. You need to make sure that they have options for a barbeque when you hire yacht in Dubai. Every party must end wonderfully and having a yummy dinner is one of them Private yacht tour Dubai. You can enjoy a delicious BBQ with your friends and end the day in the most exciting way.

Bottom Line

You can always hire yacht in Dubai during your stay. They have a wide variety of options according to the guest list. You can get that spacious yacht with big decks for such games and activities. However, sometimes it can be a little hectic to do all this by yourself. Thus, you can contact various travel agencies to find out what are they offering. Moreover, some good ones like Saifco Travel and Tourism provide a huge range of yachts. You can get a customized private yacht tour Dubai whenever you like. They even hire yacht in Dubai for you and plan accordingly or join their yacht trips in groups for tourism purposes.

Thus, get ready to have the most entertaining party of your life. You are never going to regret this decision and make memories for a lifetime.

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