5 Major reasons to Add Dubai Desert safari Deals to your Bucket list

Dubai is the land of luxury and therefore, anybody visiting Dubai starts getting the luxurious vibe. Blessed with oil profits, Dubai has succeeded to make its name as one of the most visited cities around the world. There are many architectural wonders, city-sized shopping mallssky-high buildings, and contemporary and modern masterpieces. The glamour and glitz of the city attract the tourists from all around the world. One of the most frequently booked tours of Dubai includes Desert safari Deals.

The Arabian desert is quite popular among tourists. Therefore, skipping the desert tour from your Dubai Holidays trip is a big no. The whole trip should be planned in such a way that you get sufficient time to enjoy the desert. Not only is the desert blessed with the richness of ancient Arabic culture, but also there are many activities. These activities and desert camping dubai keep you indulged and busy throughout the day. The amazing landscape and back-to-back adrenaline-filled thrilling activities are not to be missed.

The most difficult part is to cover most of the fun while you are on the Dubai Desert Safari tour. Therefore, it is important to plan and organise the tour properly. For this purpose, it is better that you hired a professional company to help you stay on track. At SAIFCO Travels and Tourism, we pay you the true value of money and time. Due to many years of experience, we make sure that you have maximum fun while you are around.

In this blog, you will be able to understand why it is important to add the desert safari dubai deals to your bucket list.

Aesthetically Pleasing Desert Safari Dubai Deals 

The aesthetics of the desert are unmatchable. The never-ending Sandiness and the beautiful landscape allow you to get more creative. Especially for photographers, and the inspirers of aesthetics, it is a creative paradise. Not only can you take spectacular landscapes but also get great portraits due to the amazing light. It is a great place to have an outdoor photo shoot.

You can take pictures while camel riding dubai and quad biking dubai. Another part of this extensive land is that you get to explore the extent. There are highly advanced 4 x 4 vehicles for dune bashing that gives you the feeling of a thriller movie.

The rising and the setting sun turn the sky into the perfect hues of pink. It adds to the wholesome beauty of the desert and turns out great in the pictures.

Embark on an Exciting Journey with Desert Safari Dubai Deals

Many fun activities come with Dubai Desert safari Deals. You can enjoy yourself with friends and family and have an amazing photo shoot with these activities. The most thrilling one is the Dune Bashing Dubai. The luxurious vehicles stream through the Sandunes while you ride in them. The drivers are highly experienced and therefore, you don’t have to worry about safety. You can also ride quad bikes, camels, and horses for additional fun.

Many people visit the desert to have the true Arabic experience of camel riding Dubai. As much as it seems simple, it is quite a fun activity. Especially for children, it is safer because there is always a guide with you.

You get the true feeling of an action hero while quad biking Dubai. The pictures turn out to be great and you can also get some videography done. The amazing four-wheeler bike gives you the wives of a professional racer.

Rich Arabian Culture

Whether you book a Morning Desert Safari or an Evening Desert Safari, you can observe the rich culture. The simplicity of Arabic culture is its real beauty. You can see the people dressed in ethnic attire with a hint of Morden design. Even staying within a narrow limit, there is a lot of variation in terms of cultural heritage.

Not only can you enjoy great food, but you also get to see the real Arabian desert life. There are traditional dances like belly dance and then tanoura dance that makes you join the dance floor as well. Beautiful women dressed in beautiful sparkly clothes are the highlight of the tour.

When you get Desert safari Deals, get ready for unlimited fun in the beautiful weather. There are people dressed in specific colourful skirts that perform the tanoura dance. There are fire shows and great music to enjoy along with the dinner and dance.

You will also find henna tattoo stalls in the camps. The henna tattoos give you a true Arabic vibe and look beautiful. It is a great way of taking the desert vibe back home with you.

The Scrumptious Dinner

Arabs are known for their scrumptious food and the diversity of their cuisine. If you book an Evening Dubai Desert Safari, you get the chance of dining like a king. There is an extensive spread of dishes from all around the world.

There is this special emphasis on Arabic cuisine that you can enjoy with complimentary drinks. The food is prepared by highly skilled chefs from all around the world. All the palatable food tastes more delicious when you have great company and entertainment while dining on desert tour Dubai.

Side by side, you can see fresh food being grilled and barbecued, which adds to your dining experience. To get a more authentic golf vibe, you can go far with a few puffs of Shisha as well. The flavored smoke combined with the amazing weather of the desert night makes it an unforgettable experience.

Rare Wildlife Encounters

When you book Desert safari Deals, you get a chance to encounter rare wildlife off the desert like a falcon. As falconry is a traditional sport in golf, it is a part of their cultural heritage. You can take great selfies and photographs with them and add to the memories of the trip. Other rare animals and birds like meerkats, Arabian oryx, and owls are also going to be seen.

To Wind it Up!

So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets with us and get ready for a roller coaster of fun. All you have to do is to call us on our all-time active customer care. Talk to our customer care representatives about the Desert Safari Deals you want to consider. The rest of the work is totally up to us.

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