Desert Safari Dubai booking : A wonderful expedition to Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai is a famous city that is known for its luxury and modern building around the world. Everything in this city is like a glamour that attracts people towards it. Even as a tourist, you can live a beautiful elite life in this mesmerizing city. There is so much to explore, from shopping malls to yacht dinners and Desert Safari Dubai booking. However, this city is in the middle of the Desert and is pretty hot. But they surely know how to make use of everything they are blessed with.

Desert Safari Dubai is filled with fun activities and beautiful nights. They have made sure that people could enjoy visiting deserts as well. This Desert is present in the heart of the Arabian Desert. They include thrilling rides like dune bashing and quad biking. Moreover, some artistic things like henna painting are also available. Let us have a different detailed look at it and how you can enjoy every minute there. 

Desert Safari Dubai Booking

You are always welcomed warmly to the beautiful Desert located in Dubai. People from around the world are enthusiastic to try this place during their stay. You can choose various Dubai Desert Safari Deals while going to this place. Most people prefer a good travel agent who can arrange everything for them.

One such is Saifco Travel and Tourism, serving tourists for years. They arrange customized trips as well, and the deals are amazing. You can choose a Morning Desert Safari trip or the Evening one. Both are filled with big amusing adventures. However, let us dig into detail what you can find in this Desert’s midst. 

Morning Desert Safari Booking

Watching sunrise can be the most beautiful scene during the Morning Desert Safari trip. We have seen it in movies, but it can be pretty breathtaking in real life. People prefer to come early morning as the weather is also good. Then, you can enjoy a wonderful camel ride Dubai. Yes, you heard us right. Camels are the specialty of the Desert, and why would you miss out on one?

Camels are also known as “Ships of Desert” and have been a vital part of Arabian culture for centuries. They used to ride these amazing creatures. Riding a camel helps you to connect with the heritage and traditions of Arabs. You get to see a panoramic view of the Desert that is otherwise difficult to watch. The infinite vastness of the Desert Safari and the tranquility is unexplainable. 

Moreover, sand boarding is also a popular activity. You get to become a surfer on sand and ride that skate board. It is a completely harmless activity and is more enjoyable. 

Desert Quad Biking

You can further be a part of desert quad biking and have a thrilling ride. You need to hop on a quad bike and zoom at speed through the Desert. It can make your heart race with excitement. You could feel the wind move through your hair and carry some sand in it as well. It is a challenging experience that everyone wants to try at least once in their life. And don’t worry about the experience, as it is for beginner and adventure-level riders. Then get ready to enjoy desert quad biking pretty soon.

So this was it? definitely not. You can also plunge into another thrilling activity known as dune bashing across the Dubai desert safari. You get to sit in a sturdy car, about a 4×4 vehicle, and it will run smoothly in the Desert. It is a classy car you can take through the rough Desert. You enjoy it with friends as it moves up and down through the sand dunes. It also allows you to see the beauty of the Desert up to a longer distance. 

What are you waiting for? Quickly go for Desert Safari Dubai booking and be a part of none other than Morning Desert Safari. They have various desert safari deals; the final choice will be yours. The next part is definitely going to convince you to get one

Evening Desert Safari

All the day’s fun activities follow the evening desert safari. You can now rest in the initial stages. You further get to see an eye-catching sunset. It looks mesmerizing that the sun in orange is going down the dunes of the Desert. Moreover, some really fun night activities are here mentioned below.

Then comes the best part, which is Desert camping Dubai. After sunsets, you can camp under the moonlight with your family or friends. It is such a peaceful environment. People usually love to stargaze and feel the vast sky above them. 

You rest for a while in camps and can freshen up. You feel fresh after a nap, as the day could be tiring. Moreover, then you need to get ready for a delicious meal. You can always enjoy Desert Safari with BBQ. They have served you with BBQ, and almost everyone loves it. Good travel companies like Saifco Travel and Tourism make sure that you get hygienic and tasty food. 

A captivating traditional dance performance further follows the desert safari with BBQ. At the end of the night, a wonderful Tanoura dance is performed in front of everyone. It includes people in traditional dresses and swirling skirts. Moreover, you also get to see a mesmerizing Belly dance with such graceful movements. The atmosphere, rhythmic beat, food, drinks, and performance in front are all required for the perfect day to end. 


Traveling during vacations is the best way to spend some quality time. You get to explore the beauty of nature. Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities and has big attractants. You can visit various places, including Desert Safari Dubai. You have many activities that begin with Camel ride Dubai and end with the wonderful Desert camping Dubai.

Every trip is a success if it is properly managed. Thus, you can take help from travel companies like Saifco Travel and Tourism. They offer some very good Desert Safari Deals. It includes all the activities mentioned above. The packages may vary from one to the other. Then why wait? You can now contact them for Desert Safari Dubai Booking and prepare for a fun adventure. 

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