What should you wear at desert safari Dubai?

Desert tour Dubai must be on your checklist if you’re visiting Dubai. Dubai has always been the city of lights with mesmerizing skylines. It offers you beautiful places to enjoy with your friends and family. However, the Deserted area in this region is pretty spectacular as well. Some people think it is just a barren land; however, it is more than that in Dubai.

Dubai has tall buildings, shopping malls, Luxury yachts,Cruise dinners, playlands, and beaches. Moreover, its Dubai desert safari is one of the most famous tours among all Dubai Tours. It welcomes you to that sandy area with much excitement and warmth. You can look for some amazing Desert safari Deals and enjoy your Dubai Desert trip. 

However, you need to be fully prepared for the desert tour Dubai. You can look at the “Tips to prepare yourself for desert safari Dubai tour” and find some good information. But today, we are to bring you one of the most raised topics. You might be thinking that What should you wear at desert safari Dubai? 

Desert tour Dubai Dress code

We have the right options for you here today for your Desert trip in Dubai. You can start deciding on clothes as soon as you go for a desert safari Dubai booking. The weather condition is always constant in that place. Most likely, the day can be pretty hot, followed by a cold night. It would be best if you were well-prepared whether it’s a morning or Evening Desert Safari tour. 


 Let us shed some light on the things you must wear on your Desert Safari Dubai tour.

  • A light fabric is always preferred on such desert Safari tours. Make sure that the shirt or top is made of some breathable material. Sometimes, warm clothes can make you go nauseous. 
  • Do not go for rough hard material clothes. It will make you uncomfortable in every place.
  • You can wear pants, or most likely a trouser is a good option for women. Thus, they can wear a light-colored top with jeans or trousers.
  • Moreover, men mostly prefer to wear shorts with t-shirts. Shorts are worn by more than half of the men that visit come for the desert tour Dubai.

Furthermore, the Evening Desert Safari tour usually includes sunset. Thus, the temperature starts to drop. It results in cold breezes everywhere. The Desert is pretty hot than usual during the day, followed by extreme cold at night. It would help if you kept this in mind before the desert safari Dubai booking. Make sure to bring a bag pack for keeping such extra things. You’ll need to keep something warm to stay till the desert safari dinner. Thus, here are a few tips for the nighttime. 

  • A hoodie or a jacket must be your top priority in that bag pack. Your sleeveless or half-sleeve shirt is not enough for you to survive the cold night in Winters. Such complete day tours are usually included in the Desert safari Deals.
  • You can also keep a long shawl for camping. It will definitely make you cozy. 
  • You can also keep a head scarf or a warm cap as well at the desert safari dinner.


You can look for some appropriate shoes in your home after the desert safari Dubai booking. You can most likely choose some rough sandals or sneakers. Make sure that they are not new as you are going to a sandy place

What not to wear on a desert safari Dubai?

Let us now look at the few things you need to avoid on the desert tour Dubai. 

  • Do not choose tight clothes. They will grasp your skin, and you will not be able to breathe freely.
  • Do not leave your head exposed directly to the sun. Try using a cap or binding a head scarf to keep yourself safe, just in case, to avoid sunstroke.
  • Very loose clothes that they may swirl with the wind. The clothes should neither be too fitted nor loose. It will make it difficult for you to sit on rides.
  • Do not wear slippers. You are waking on the sand, and wearing open slippers is never a good option. You won’t be able to walk in them easily.
  • Moreover, never chose heels in such places. You would not be able to walk a single step on the sand.
  • Do not bring any valuable assets to the desert. You can confirm it at the time of the desert safari Dubai booking. The rides, photography, and other activities can keep you busy. It won’t be easy to look out for your things.
  • Do not wear any kind of expensive jewelry on the desert tour Dubai. Any mishap can occur during this time. Thus, you are responsible for your things to make them simple. 

Protective measurements

Make sure you are wearing proper sunscreen on your exposed parts. Sun rays can be harmful and can also lead to skin tanning. Thus, wear sunscreen and pack it up for its frequent use throughout the day on the Evening Desert Safari

Also, make sure to keep a lip balm with you. It can be a bit hot, and you may frequently feel thirsty. This lip balm will prevent your lips from becoming constantly chapped and dry. 

Bottom Line

You can always look for some good Desert safari Dubai packages. It includes various activities like dune bashing, quad biking, Buggy ride,and even a desert safari dinner. The Evening Desert safari has a lot to offer. Thus, make sure you wear the best clothes. It is important to keep a minimal yet attractive dress code. Do not wear things that can create hurdles in your fun. 

Moreover, always keep something warm for camping. Your clothes and shoes should be appropriate, followed by no risk of expensive things. Do pack your sunscreen, lip balm, and water bottle. We hope you have one of the best adventures of your life on the desert tour Dubai.


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