Best rides to enjoy on a Desert Safari tour?

The U.A.E welcomes people from every corner of the world to the most famous tourist destination, Dubai. People are actually pretty crazy about spending holidays here with their friends. Even couples love to visit this city on their honeymoon and capture memories for eternity. If you’re looking for more adventure, don’t miss out on the opportunity to book a desert tour in Dubai.

Dubai is a name for fun and adventure. It helps people to blend in easily and enjoy the time of their life. Even the name of the city gives people a boast of adrenaline rush in their veins. You might be wondering why? What is so special about this place? Book desert tour Dubai.

Dubai also offers exotic beaches, malls, tall buildings, huge parks, cruise dinners,Rent a yacht and amazing desert safari tours. These places are always worth visiting. It always has something new and exciting to offer to the tourists and residents as well. However, the most face place is their exotic desert tour dubai. You get to enjoy some desert photography along with various activities.

How can you skip a safari desert tour Dubai during your stay?

Book Desert Tour Dubai: Desert Safari Dubai

Desert safari dubai is one of the top items on the bucket list of most people. Many good Desert safari Deals are available that mostly cover everything within it. The journey begins when you are most liked picked up from your hotel. A 4-by-4 jeep is available to take you into the sand dunes close to the city. You can enjoy a beautiful sunrise with the peaceful noises of birds in the back.

However, some fun activities are also available within this desert. All of them are listed below.

Camel ride dubai

Camels are known to be a desert animals. They have a height like a horse and are pretty peaceful. You can be a part of this camel ride dubai. Usually, it is a short ride of 5-10 minute on the up and downs of the desert. However one can Opt for long camel ride on additional payment.  They are tame and calm animals. You do not have to worry about them. Many people visit the safari desert to enjoy camel ride Dubai.

You can even sit on them with your toddlers. It is a pretty friendly animal, and the ride is going to be a safe one. Most likely, this camel ride is included in the Desert safari Deals, and sometimes you need to pay for the ides separately.

Dune Bashing Dubai

These Sand surfaces are different from normal roads. You get to see many ups and down. There are no straight platforms but rather dunes at various places. Usually, boys like to ride in such places. Thus, you can enjoy an amazing ride known as Dune Bashing Dubai.

The Dune Bashing Dubai involves riding a 4 by 4 car-like land cruiser at varying speeds. You can ride at high to low speeds. Most people prefer to face the adrenaline rush by increasing the speed of their vehicle. As the car goes up a dune and suddenly drops, it is the most thrilling experience with a lot of fear. Thus, you get to enjoy this amazing ride amidst desert sand mountains.

Book Desert Tour Dubai: Quad biking Dubai

Quad biking in the desert safari Dubai tour involves riding a four-wheeled vehicle, but it is different than a car. It is just a further extension of a bike in a bigger form. It is an off-road vehicle that people usually drive here in the middle of the desert. You get to enjoy the amazing Quad biking Dubai on the visit to Desert Safari.

The desert tour dubai gives you the opportunity to enjoy biking with your squad on the steep hills. These vast open deserted lands with high and low plateaus are the best place to enjoy high-speed biking. All the tourists get the chance to be a part of such activities. If you are coming with a travel agency, make sure these rides are a part of their Desert safari Deals.

Sand Boarding Dubai 

We all have heard of surfing on water, but how about surfing in the desert? Yes, you hear us right. You get a chance to surf over the beautiful sand during the desert tour Dubai. This activity is known as sand boarding. It is one of the sports that are going to give you again an adrenaline boast as you slide along. All it requires is a proper balance, like surfing.

You can either sit or lay down on the sandboard at the start. A little push, and you move down the steep dunes. The board also comes with straps. You can either tie them around your feet just for the sake of security if it’s your first time. It is a great way to enjoy something new. Book desert tour Dubai

Other activities

The desert tour Dubai does not end here. Many trips include a day long followed by a night camping in the middle of the desert. You can enjoy the beautiful sunsets and the night under the starry sky. It is such a romantic feeling and gives you aesthetic vibes. Camping in the desert safari is like a dream come true. We know how much youngsters plan to visit such places, and here is the chance.

Moreover, a barbeque dinner is also set up later on. The dinner party includes an amazing Tanoura dance that will also make you dance. The music, beat, dancing, fresh air, and wonderful dinner are going to put a perfect full stop on this adventurous day. Then what are you waiting for?

Bottom Line

The desert tour Dubai is filled with many fun activities and rides. However, if you are new here, then don’t worry. Many good travel agencies like Saifco travel and tourism offer good Desert safari Deals. The staff is cooperative, and you can even discuss a customized tour that includes camel riding, dune bashing, sand boarding, and Quad biking Dubai.

You can also check our “Tips to prepare yourself for desert safari dubai tour” for further guidance if you are coming here anytime soon. We wish you an adventurous and happy trip.

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