Five fun activities in Desert Safari

Dubai has always been one of the best vacation places in the world. People from all around the world plan Dubai trips with their loved ones. Even the residents plan small outings, most likely on weekends. This is a city of fun and has a lot to offer. You can enjoy visits to Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Global Village, Miracle Garden, and, most importantly, the desert safari with BBQ tour.

Although the desert seems a pretty off place, this is none like the ordinary one. You get to see the beautiful scenic view of the tall buildings behind. It has a good atmosphere followed by some fun activities. Yes, you heard it right. The desert safari in Dubai offers you some exciting games and activities for the whole day.

Let us put some light on the most hyped activities that everyone loves during their visit to a desert safari in Dubai.

Dune Bashing Dubai during Desert Safari trip

Dune demonstrates the sand piled up across the entire desert. The foremost adventurous part of the safari trip is the jeep ride across the dunes of Dubai Desert. It is known among people as dune bashing Dubai. A skilled driver is available for the ride at increasing and decreasing speeds in sports utility vehicles. Most people prefer these trendy jeeps to feel the adrenaline rush in their bodies.

Dune bashing Dubai is pretty common among youngsters. They love to experience this high-speed ride on the sandy place. If you are staying a bit longer, then enjoy the other activities listed further.

Camel ride Dubai

Camels are known to be desert animals. Arabs always have the specialty of riding on camels. However, now you can get a chance to sit on this beautiful animal and see the beauty around you. The camel ride Dubai is the most beautiful part of this trip. The owner of the camel guides you through everything. He is holding the rope and makes sure that everything goes safely.

Most people prefer to go for a camel ride Dubai in the evening. It allows them to see the sunset with a mesmerizing view and observe the beauty. You even get a chance to take beautiful pictures which are now captured for eternity. Then, tourists can either stay for camping with the Tanoura dance or end their day with the sunset.

Quad biking Dubai 

These are similar to an ordinary motorcycle but with four wheels. It is essential to maintain balance on sand, so such bikes are more useful. They have low-weight tires and are easy to ride on the sand. You can now enjoy quad biking Dubai on the desert safari tour in Dubai.

Quad biking Dubai gives you a wonderful experience. This four-wheeled motorbike will give you a new look at the Dubai desert. You can ride it with speed on the sand dunes. There are guidelines available and professionals as well to teach you how to ride it. It is pretty simple, and you can understand it within a few minutes. Moreover, you just need to maintain a proper balance and grip over it. You can watch the beautiful tall buildings of Dubai on the sides and enjoy the bike ride on the desert safari in Dubai.

Camping across the Safari Desert 

Camping is loved by everyone, especially within the mountains or green areas. However, the desert safari in Dubai gives you a chance to experience a beautiful camping site in the midst of the desert. You can have a beautiful night with your friends at the camping site. A wonderful Tanoura dance follows the camping. You also get to enjoy a desert safari with bbq.

Most travel agencies in Dubai make sure you get to have a delicious barbeque at dinner. You also get to enjoy a Tanoura dance along with it. However, it can be pretty cold at night. You can check “What should you wear at desert safari Dubai” to be well-prepared for everything.

Star gazing across the Safari Desert 

These deserts have a pretty clean atmosphere with minimum clouds. Thus, you are able to witness the stunning moon and beautiful stars at night. Thousands of stars can be seen scattered in the sky. If you are staying camping, then this is a must-watch. You can enjoy a desert safari with a bbq under the moonlight.

The peaceful surrounding of the desert under the sky filled with stars is just like silent therapy. You talk, enjoy coffee, play games, and gather precious moments of your life. Memories last forever, and desert safari in Dubai gives you a chance to gather some.

Night event across the Safari Desert

A beautiful arrangement can be seen for dinner at night on the desert safari tour. It most likely includes dinner with a wonderful Tanoura performance. It makes you dance with every beat. The energy wipes away your tiredness. The dinner includes a tasty barbeque dinner that is enough for the appetite. Enjoying such dinner nights with your family and friends is a privilege. Make sure to bring a shawl or something, as the night can be pretty cold in the desert.

Bottom Line

You can look for top travel agency in Dubai offering desert safari with bbq tours. It is usually difficult to arrange everything on their own. Thus, you can find help and get everything pre-planned for the Desert trip. Saifco Travel and tourism is one of the best travel company in Dubai to offer such tours. They will provide a pick-up from the hotel, and the journey begins as you hop on their vehicle. You can avail of various activities, including dune bashing Dubaicamel ride DubaiQuad biking Dubai, camping, and a delicious dinner with Tanoura performances.

We hope you have the best time with your loved ones on tour. You can look for “Tips to prepare yourself for desert safari Dubai tour” if you are planning to come here anytime soon.

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